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At the end of the 16th century, when innocent women were burned as whitches in the county Werdenfels, belonging to the church of Freising, you had fear of the gorge of Rein- and Höllental as hiding-place of horrible dragons. With this knowlegde you really get frightened in the dark gorge.


It is a short but really impressive tour. The whole walking length is about 3,5 km. the difference lies between 220 - 300 m.


It is not a difficult little tour and it`s specially suited for families with children. But parents have to care for their kids especially in the area of the gorge. Who falls into the river is lost forever!

How to get to Partnachklamm

You drive with your car from Munich along the
motorway BAB 95. At the end of the motorway you drive on the street B2 through Oberau and through the tunnel to Partenkirchen.

Starting point

Wildenau, restaurant Partnachklamm (about 760 m). You get there either with carriages or you walk half an hour.

One of the horse cabs

Down in the gorge

Partnachalm with the mountains (Wettersteingebirge)


First you go through the gorge and to the pavillion. Then do not pass the Reintalweg, but follow the guide “Partnachalm/Partenkirchen”. After you have crossed the bridge and walked in serpentines through the wood you reach the meadow of Hagrain. You go further in clear wood and last on a narrow tared path to Partnachalm (about 1000m,open continously in July and August, otherwise restday on Thursday). 1 hour away from the restaurant Partnachklamm. For the descent you go back a short way on the ascent. When you come to a cross foot path you do not turn right but go straight on. The way leads down by serpentines. In front of the iron bridge there are two possibilities:

a) Either you pass the bridge which is about 70m high above the gorge floor and wander up to Vordergraseck on the other side. From there in the north you can follow the street to Wildenau or reach it with the cable car

b) Or (after you have looked from the iron bridge down to the river and on the green-mossed gorge wall) you turn left on the cross foot path (in the north) and reach the exit of the gorge in the north on a way which is secured with wooden railing (“Oberer Klammweg”).

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